“Thank you for the comprehensive tax preparation. We could not have done it with all the forms, etc.”

C. & J. Kelly

“I appreciate you and all you do for us.”

Dr. Eric Valins

“Thank you for all that you do it’s appreciated.”

J. Westphalen from
Quality Refrigeration

“Meryl you are a Goddess! What would I do without you?”

B. Biondo
American Art Studio

Dear Marvin,

Just a note of thanks for all of your help throughout the years. You have not only been there for our annual tax returns but also advised us on all our financial and personal matters whenever needed. In the 30 years we have know you and Janet you have become good friends and a father- like figure.”

J. Wobbekind

My husband and I have been clients of M. Greenwald Associates LLP for over 10 years. Over the years, they have been extremely professional and thorough. It gives us peace of mind to know that our tax matters are being handled by such honest and competent people.

Meryl and Marvin have become more than “Tax Preparers” for my husband and I. They have become true advisors whose opinion and council is invaluable. Even more important to us is the fact that they are always available. Whenever we call the office Marvin or Meryl will normally take the call or phone us back within hours. Even when I call April 14th!!

We have not been the easiest clients and they explain the tax procedures and educate us in the process. Their patience is immeasurable! The personal attention they give to us is unusual in today’s world. I don’t feel like we are just another number!

Cordie Adam

Dear Marvin, Janet and Meryl,

I wanted to take the time to send this off to you.

About fifteen years ago I was extremely unsatisfied with my accountant and was directed to you.

During these past 15 years, I may not have always been happy with paying Uncle Sam, but I have always been confident that my best interest was, and is , always foremost your goal.

Not only have you all been supportive of my profession, but I can proudly call you friends.

One more thing that I find unique to the service you provide…. Meryl makes house calls.

Thank you sincerely for service “over and above.”

Dr. Robert Kenul

Dear Meryl,

I would like to thank you for all the years that you and your dad have helped my family with our taxes. You have helped my 3 children with their taxes and some friendly advice as they turned into young working adults. Marvin was always willing, at any time of the year, to give me guidance on my estate planning. His relationship with other professionals gave me a good contact for a lawyer to help with my Wills and Estate planning.

In recent years, both you and your dad have helped with both my personal taxes and my position with my local Volunteer Fire Department. Your fast and thorough response to the IRS on several issues over the years has made me feel very secure that all will always end well.

I look forward to continuing our relationship, both as my accountant and preparer of my Volunteer Fire Department reports.

Steve Bellwood

Dear Meryl and Marvin,

We are writing this letter to attempt to express to you how very much you are loved and appreciated by us. You have been our accountants since shortly after graduating from Chiropractic College in 1994. You have been an integral part of our success due to your expertise and sound counsel over the years.

You have always promptly and graciously received our calls and questions and patiently walked us through the different phases of starting a chiropractic practice, starting a family, buying a home, hiring an associate, planning for retirement, etc…. No matter to topic, you are both very knowledgeable and willing to listen carefully and offer superb advice. We have never felt as though we couldn’t approach you and talk about anything regarding personal or business finances, staff training, insurance, estate planning…. You have truly become trusted friends and colleagues. We have the utmost respect for you both and trust you both immensely. We are always amazed by your diligence in staying current with the changing tax laws as well as keeping us up to date through calls, letters and informative newsletters.

In summary, we could not imagine running our business and our lives without your guidance. It has been a blessing and comfort to know that we have your firm handling our accounting affairs as well as being a constant source of trusted advice in so many areas. Your thoroughness and ability to make us feel like we are your #1 client shows how dedicated and caring your really are.

Every family and business should have an accounting firm like M. Greenwald Associates LLP on their side. You have never failed to meet and exceed our needs and expectations.

Thanks for always being there for us and for helping us run a successful practice so we can help people stay healthy naturally with chiropractic care.

We truly love you guys! With great respect and loyal appreciation,

Dr. John & Kristina Berezny

Dear Meryl,

Once again your staff has come to my rescue and reminding me of specific deadlines that manage to escape my attention. When we first met and you said that reminders would be a service I could expect, I was surprised and grateful.

Those initial days of our hiring your firm to help with a protracted and complicated audit were confusing and tense for me personally, but you put me at ease and guided the company through the details with your firm yet pleasant counsel and expertise. You even managed to take the sting out of the mandatory meeting with the auditor! The outcome, you may recall, was much better than I would have hoped.

Now I almost look for reasons to have you stop in for a bi-yearly “check-up”! I am comfortable asking the most basic questions and have complete faith in your and the firm.

Thanks for everything you do.

Yours very truly,
Barbara Biondo, Director
American Art Studio