M. Greenwald Associates LLP helps others in growing their business by infusing a strong desire in whatever you do, knowing your numbers, and working towards where you want to be.

We believe:

  • Tax preparation is more than putting little numbers in little boxes about things that already happened
  • Taxes don’t have to be scary
  • You are more than just your numbers
  • You can have a positive impact on your financial picture by being proactive
  • Knowledge about your personal money situation is powerful
  • You deserve to reach your financial goals
  • Honesty about where you are and what you want makes it real

How we work:

  • Our office is professionally casual — we want you to be comfortable knowing that we are part of your team and have over 30 years of experience in accounting, planning, and tax preparation
  • Meryl or another CPA reviews every return
  • Our in office team includes Cassandra our administrative assistant and we usually have a high school intern from September through April. During tax season we bring in someone to help as well. You can meet our team here
  • We work with our clients via email, meeting (in person or video chat), and over the phone
  • We work by appointment only and our front office team will assist you in getting an appointment if you need one.
  • We have a secure portal for sensitive document exchange as we take your privacy and security seriously
  • Communicating via text, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn, etc. doesn’t allow us to provide the support you deserve, so we ask that you limit your electronic communication to email and our secure portal for document exchange

Our clients understand that:

  • Your completed tax return isn’t just a product; it’s part of a larger relationship
  • For new clients, we review the client’s prior year’s tax return and look for reasons to amend it to obtain an additional refund or to fix significant errors
  • We educate the client about their current tax situation and look for hidden opportunities to decrease their liability. This type of meeting occurs outside of tax season
  • We don’t negotiate our fees
  • The work we do together isn’t the same as a tax return from a franchised company
  • We don’t have a magic wand and we are unwilling to push the legal limits of the law that would put anyone at risk
  • We recognize that individuals who frequently change accountants are unable to enjoy the benefits of knowing that their tax professional really knows them and what they are trying to achieve